Technologically Served Taste!

We will provide our customers the best taste and experience
while pursuing customer satisfaction as the best value through clean food.

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  • CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

Hi everyone,

CNF Korea, an abbreviation of Coffee and Food, is a company established in January 24, 2005, specializing in manufacturing and distributing instant coffee mix with more than 10 years of experience.

Without forgetting the essence of food manufacturing business, we are equipped with specialized facilities
for thoroughly inspecting raw materials and are growing to become a company that contributes to the development
of Korean coffee culture while providing the best taste and experience to our customers.

Furthermore, inspired by the successful launch in domestic market, we are growing into a global company by exporting
our products to the world including Russia, China and the Philippines.

CNF Korea will become a company that regards customer satisfaction as the best value by providing
clean food rather than being an externally fancy and nice company.

Thank you.